GURA® Space Rover Design Course

Welcome to my GURA® Space Rover Design Course. I am incredibly excited to share this hard work with you today. In this Design Course I'll go over the entire creation of a realistic exploration style Space Rover from scratch to finish. Divided in main chapters, I will cover:

How to create Mechanical Requirements
How to create Aesthetic Requirements
How to setup Strategy & Pipeline
How to properly 3D Blockout
How to properly setup the 3D Scene
How to design the Chassis
How to design the Suspension
How to design the Wheels
How to design the Main Body
How to design the Cockpit
Secondary & Tertiary Details
How to create Graphics & Labels
How to Export in Moi3D
How to properly setup Keyshot
How to do Lighting & Rendering
How to do Post Processing in Photoshop
Entire RAW Modelling pProcess in Moi3D
I will walk you through the whole course so you will be well prepared to tackle this challenging design! Furthermore I really hope you will find this course helpful and take some new skills with you for future endeavors. Enjoy! - Edon Guraziu.

Available now on ArtStation & Gumroad.

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*Continual Updates may take place to further improve this course.